The library provides sessions for aiohttp.web.

The current version is 2.12


The library allows to store user-specific data into session object.

The session object has dict-like interface (operations like session[key] = value or value = session[key] etc. are supported).

Before processing session in web-handler you have to register session middleware in aiohttp.web.Application.

A trivial usage example:

import time
from aiohttp import web
from aiohttp_session import get_session, setup
from aiohttp_session.cookie_storage import EncryptedCookieStorage

async def handler(request):
    session = await get_session(request)
    session['last_visit'] = time.time()
    return web.Response(text='OK')

def init():
    app = web.Application()
        EncryptedCookieStorage(b'Thirty  two  length  bytes  key.'))
    app.router.add_route('GET', '/', handler)
    return app


All storages uses HTTP Cookie named AIOHTTP_COOKIE_SESSION for storing data.

Available session storages are:

  • SimpleCookieStorage – keeps session data as plain JSON string in cookie body. Use the storage only for testing purposes, it’s very non-secure.

  • EncryptedCookieStorage – stores session data into cookies like SimpleCookieStorage does but encodes the data via cryptography Fernet cipher.

    For key generation use cryptography.fernet.Fernet.generate_key() method.

    Requires cryptography library:

    $ pip3 install aiohttp_session[secure]
  • RedisStorage – stores JSON-ed data into redis, keeping into cookie only redis key (random UUID).

    Inside redis the key will be saved as COOKIENAME_VALUEOFTHECOOKIE. For example if inside the browser the cookie is saved with name 'AIOHTTP_SESSION' (default option) and value e33b57c7ec6e425eb626610f811ab6ae (a random UUID) they key inside redis will be AIOHTTP_SESSION_e33b57c7ec6e425eb626610f811ab6ae.

    Requires redis library:

    $ pip install aiohttp_session[aioredis]
  • MemcachedStorage – the same as Redis storage but uses Memcached database.

    Requires aiomcache library:

    $ pip install aiohttp_session[aiomcache]


$ pip3 install aiohttp_session

Source code

The project is hosted on GitHub

Please feel free to file an issue on bug tracker if you have found a bug or have some suggestion for library improvement.

The library uses Travis for Continuous Integration.

Third party extensions


aiohttp_session is offered under the Apache 2 license.


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